Bambi MVVM | Vaadin

A lightweight annotation-driven Model View ViewModel (MVVM) library for building clean and testable Vaadin applications.

Bambi is a lightweight MVVM add-on for Vaadin web applications. Bambi uses a declarative style annotation-driven approach to UI binding. The framework attempts to adhere to basic MVVM principles and allows users to develop expressive UI with highly testable view models. One of the primary design goals of the Bambi framework is to enable the creation of minimalist, and highly readable code whilst not impeding the ability to deliver rich client user interfaces.

Please note that this is a very early alpha release and is yet to contain the full feature set intended. The project is open source and contributors are welcomed.

Future releases are intended to include:

  1. Additional binding support @EnabledIf, @ViewBound, etc.
  2. View model annotations @OnBind, @OnUnbind.
  3. Container managed views and view models with Spring integration for first-class dependency injection.
  4. Testing utilities to help validate UI against associated view models.
  5. Annotation processor to automatically validated bindings at compile time.
  6. All important unit test coverage.

I've republished the library with the now correct project name.



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ExperimentalReleased 10 September 2012Apache License 2.0
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Vaadin 6.8+
Browser Independent
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Release notes - Version 1.0.0-alpha3
  • Added manifest information to enable publishing to Vaadin Maven repository.