Headless audio player using WebAudio API to allow streaming playback of an server-side PCM data buffer. Offers server side controls and pluggable effects.

AudioPlayer is an add-on for Vaadin that uses WebAudio to allow streaming playback of an arbitrary server-side PCM data buffer. Audio can be transported as WAV. It also supports server-side control of the audio playback such as audio and stereo balance, as well as advanced control via pluggable effects, such as highpass and lowpass filters.


Includes demo application that shows examples of most functionality including:

  • streaming different types of audio files
  • creating UI that connects to the audio player
  • server-side control of audio player
  • creating effect chains with pluggable effects


For more information about using the addon and/or running the demo application, see the README.md file or visit the github page: https://github.com/drewharvey/VaadinAudioPlayer


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StableReleased 11 October 2021Apache License 2.0
Framework Support
Vaadin platform 14
Also supported:
Polymer 2 (2.0.2)Polymer 3 (3.0.0)Vaadin 7 (1.3)
Browser Compatibility
Install with
Release notes - Version 3.0.2

Java 8 compatibility (previously build with a higher JDK)