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ApolloNav - Navigator component for Vaadin

A navigation component meant for e.g. main menu. Supports links, captions, icons, nesting and a number badge. Perfect for setting within the drawer of AppLayout.

Use setLabel(String) to put the label above the component. Use setItems(ApolloNavItem...) put configure the menu items.

Tested to work with Vaadin 20. Will probably work with 18/19 as well. 14.5/14.6 had an older version of LitTemplate/LitElement in use, and was not compatible out of the box, but we might get a compatible 14.x version in the future. You can also copy paste the few files from GitHub and place them directly in your project.

Code example:

ApolloNav nav = new ApolloNav();
nav.setLabel("Main menu");
        new ApolloNavItem("dashboard", "Dashboard", "lineBarChart"),
        new ApolloNavItem("customers", "Customers", "suitcase"),
        new ApolloNavItem("leads", "Leads", "tabA", null,
                        new ApolloNavItem("leads/high-profile",
                                "High profile", "userStar"),
                        new ApolloNavItem("leads/others", "Others",
        new ApolloNavItem("todos", "To-dos", "tasks", 9, Arrays.asList(
                new ApolloNavItem("leads/High", "High", null, 2),
                new ApolloNavItem("leads/medium", "Medium", null, 4),
                new ApolloNavItem("leads/low", "Low", null, 3))),
        new ApolloNavItem("inbounds", "Inbounds", "envelope", 12));


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TestedReleased 18 May 2021Apache License 2.0
Framework Support
Vaadin platform 18+
Browser Compatibility
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Release notes - Version 1.2.0
  • Change Java class to extend Component instead of LitElement. Vaadin gave incorrect warnings to console due to LitElement parsing, and there was no features in use from LitElement anyhow.
  • Removed duplicate files from package