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The fanciest carousel of them all.

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Carousel which gives you options for multiple fancy transistions and different ways to include images.


    <img src="">
    <img src="">
    <img src="">
    <img src="">
Properties Type Comment
apiKey String API key for Google image search
imageTopic String The topic for image search
noControls Boolean Do not display control buttons for left/right (Default: false)
searchEngineCx String CX key for Google
transitionTimer Number Timer for transitioning to the next slide
transitionType String Type of transition animation (Currently available types: spread, paint, shift, collapse)


Use the 'polymer-cli' to test/demo component

To Demo/Test Component

polymer serve

Then go to 'localhost:8080/components/fancy-carousel' to view component

To run tests:

polymer test


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ImportedReleased 12 November 2016Other
Framework Support
Polymer 1.0+
Browser Independent
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Release notes - Version 1.0.3