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Universal web component to create resizable split layouts




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SplitMe - Universal Splitter

SplitMe is a universal splitter built with Stencil. It can be embedded in projects using any framework or even plain HTML.

See a Live Demo.


Table of Contents


Option 1 (HTML)

Add the SplitMe script tag to your index.html:

<script src=""></script>

Option 2 (React / Angular / Vue)

Add SplitMe to your project:

npm install --save split-me

Import SplitMe in your index.js:

import { defineCustomElements as defineSplitMe } from 'split-me/dist/loader';


Basic Usage

Use the split-me tag anywhere you like. Set the number of slots in the splitter through the n attribute. Set the order the inner elements through the slot attribute:

<split-me n="2">
  <div slot="0" class="fill red"></div>
  <div slot="1" class="fill green"></div>

  .fill {
    height: 100%;
    width: 100%;

Splitters can be arbitrarily nested into each other to achieve any layout.

<split-me n="3" sizes="0.3, 0.3, 0.4" min-sizes="0.2, 0.0, 0.0">
  <div slot="0" class="fill red"></div>
  <div slot="1" class="fill green"></div>
  <split-me slot="2" n="2" d="vertical" fixed>
    <div slot="0" class="fill blue"></div>
    <div slot="1" class="fill magenta"></div>

Advanced Usage


Property Attribute Description Type
d d The direction of the splitter. "horizontal" | "vertical"
fixed fixed Prevent the splitter from being resized. boolean
maxSizes max-sizes The maximum sizes of the slots. Same format as sizes number[] | string
minSizes min-sizes The minimum sizes of the slots. Same format as sizes number[] | string
n n The number of slots in the splitter. number
sizes sizes The initial sizes of the slots. Acceptable formats are: sizes="0.33, 0.67" or sizes="50%, 25%, 25%" number[] | string
throttle throttle The minimum time (in ms) between resize events while dragging. number


Event Detail Description
slotResized IResizeEvent Emitted every time dragging causes the slots to resize
interface IResizeEvent {
  sizes: number[]; // [0.25, 0.75]
  divider: number; // internal divider index
  originalEvent: MouseEvent | TouchEvent; // event that triggered resize

Saving State

function handle(event) {
  // extrapolate details
  const { sizes, divider, originalEvent } = event.detail;
  const sourceElement =;

  console.log(sourceElement, originalEvent);
  console.dir({ divider, sizes });

  // store state
  localStorage.setItem('split-sizes', sizes);

const el = document.querySelector('split-me');

// loads sizes, but only if they have not been set yet.
el.sizes = el.sizes || localStorage.getItem('split-sizes');

// listen on changes
el.addEventListener('slotResized', handle);


SplitMe exposes a few CSS variables that can be overridden in order to adjust the styling of the dividers (gutters) to your liking.

This is the list of variables and their default values:

:host {
  --divider-length: 100%; /* Length of the divider along the principal axis */
  --divider-thickness: 0.15rem; /* Thickness of the divider */
  --divider-color: #eeeeee; /* Background color of the divider */
  --divider-shadow: 0 0 0.3rem black; /* Shadow of the divider */
  --divider-image-h: none; /* Background image of the divider when d="horizontal" */
  --divider-image-v: none; /* Background image of the divider when d="vertical" */
  --divider-background-repeat: no-repeat; /* Repeat rule of the background image */
  --divider-background-position: center; /* Position of the background image */
  --phantom-divider-thickness: 2rem; /* Thickness of the phantom divider used to grab mouse events */

Any of these variables can be overridden when using SplitMe in your app. For example, to make the dividers thicker and change their color to yellow:

<split-me n="2">
  <div slot="0" class="fill red"></div>
  <div slot="1" class="fill green"></div>

  :root split-me {
    --divider-thickness: 0.75rem;
    --divider-color: yellow;


  • Prevent resizing
  • Specify initial sizes
  • Specify minimum and maximum sizes
  • Customizable splitter style


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  • lodash.throttle#^4.1.1
MIT License


Browser Independent