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Add-on encapsulating Add row to Grid - Edit - Delete by Cancel sequence in extended Button

Vaadin 7 Grid does not yet have editor event. This is a small short coming if you want to create button to add a row to your grid with the following logic

  1. Click button to add a row
  2. Activate editor on the new row
  3. Delete row if user selected to click cancel instead of save

Hence I wrote this experimental add-on, which encapsulates needed logic in form of extended Vaadin Button.


  • Works currently only with BeanItemContainer
  • Uses threads, hence Push needs to be enabled
  • Beans used with AddRowButton must have default constructor without parameters in order to intanstiate
  • Doesn't work with Vaadin 7.6.1 - 7.6.2 due layout bug in Editor
  • Doesn't work with Vaadin 7.5.4 and older due bug Grid row book keeping

Status of this utility is experimental. I hope this is also useful demo case how to work with Vaadin using threads.


Setup the Grid first.


  • Create new AddRowButton using its constructor.

AddRowButton button = new AddRowButton(String caption, Grid grid,Class<?> MyBean.class);

caption: the caption of the button MyBean: the beantype of your bean grid: the grid you use this utility with


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ExperimentalReleased 24 February 2016Apache License 2.0
Framework Support
Vaadin 7.5+
Browser Independent
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Release notes - Version 0.1