FontAwesome Iron Iconset

Flowing Code

Iron iconset based on FontAwesome

Zoomist Add-on

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Apply zooming to images.

Extended Login Add-on

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Vaadin Login component extension providing additional features

Flip Card Add-on

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Card component that can flip on hover or on click.

Chat Assistant Add-on

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Chat assistant floating window using wc-chatbot.

pulltorefresh }> add-on

Team Parttio

An extension to Vaadin that provides a Java API for the pulltorefresh.js JS library.

Idle Notification

Vaadin ComponentFactory

Displays a notification and action-buttons before session-timeout


Gerrit Sedlaczek

A Tippy.js based Tooltip-Plugin for Vaadin Flow (23+).


Team Parttio

A Helper Library to build JavaScript components for Vaadin using Velocity templating engine powered JS.

OrgChart Add-on

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Organizational Chart Addon

PDF viewer component for Vaadin Flow 14.+

Marcelo D. RĂ©

PDFViewer for Vaadin 14.+ with image overlay

LogRocket Integration

Oliver Yasuna

Integrates LogRocket with your Vaadin application.

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