ChipField Addon

Flowing Code

Vaadin Flow integration of Paper Chip as a Field

LeafletJS for Flow

Matti Tahvonen

Vaadin 10+ Java integration for LeafletJS

DateRangePicker for Vaadin

XDEV Software

A DateRangePicker for Vaadin Flow


Samuli Penttilä

InfiniteGrid is a Grid like component that allows arbitrary amount of scrolling in both horizontal and vertical directions

Voice Recognition

Armando Perea - NOAA Affiliate

Enables voice recording using the Web Speech API, displaying transcribed text, and offering controls for starting/stopping, clearing speech, and aborting recording.


Vaadin ComponentFactory

Flow wrapper for Ag-grid Js Component


Tatu Lund

Tree component for Vaadin 24, Vaadin 23 and Vaadin 14

CircularProgressBar Flow

Tatu Lund

Circular shaped progress indicator for Vaadin 24, Vaadin 23.3.x and Vaadin 14


Tatu Lund

A basic TabSheet component composed from Tabs, Tab etc. for Vaadin 24, Vaadin 23.3.x and Vaadin 14.x.

TimeSelector Add-on

Mikael Grankvist

Time selection add-on


Vaadin ComponentFactory

ComboBox like component with hierarchical data.

Enhanced Grid

Vaadin ComponentFactory

This component is an extended version of Grid with integrated complex filtering and other features

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