ToggleButton for Flow

Vaadin ComponentFactory

Web Component providing an on/off switch that users can toggle

File viewer for Vaadin

Radosław Pakula

Log viewer / glogg

SO Components

Syam Pillai

A set of Vaadin Flow Components and Abstractions

Canvas Java

Team Parttio

Canvas component for Vaadin 10+

Date Range Picker

Vaadin ComponentFactory

This is a component to select a date range with single calendar popup.

Notification Menu

Diogo Soares

Notification Menu

Explorer Tree Grid

Vaadin ComponentFactory

Explorer Tree Grid for Flow is an extended version of Vaadin Tree Grid that adds connectors between parent and children, like an Explorer Tree.

Grid Pagination

Team Parttio

Custom Vaadin 14+ Grid component with pagination feature enabled


Kaes Dingeling

Modern Navigation Menu


Auto Form Filler

Armando Perea - NOAA Affiliate

AutoFormFiller is a Java-based web application that uses Vaadin components and OpenAI GPT-3.5 (or provided AI webservice call) to automatically fill out forms based on user prompts.

Collapsible SplitLayout

Vaadin ComponentFactory

An extension of Vaadin SplitLayout to enable collapsing components

MiniCalendar Add-on for Vaadin

Manfred Huber


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