Hover Column

Dan Watson

Hide contents of a Grid Column until hovering on the row.


Martin Vyšný

Karibu Testing, support for browserless Vaadin testing in Kotlin

Flow Commons

Oliver Yasuna

A commons library for Vaadin Flow.

Embedded Jetty + Guice Example

Oliver Yasuna

An example of a Vaadin 23 servlet running in an embedded Jetty server with Guice as a dependency injection framework.

RSS Items

Flowing Code

RSS Vaadin 10+ component

Editable Labels for Vaadin

XDEV Software

Editable Labels for Vaadin

Add-on to embed quicksight dashboard / visuals into vaadin

Dineshkumar Ramasamy

addon to embed quick sight visuals

Accessible ComboBox

Vaadin ComponentFactory

Accessible ComboBox and MultiSelectComboBox for Vaadin 14

XTerm Console Addon

Flowing Code

Vaadin 14+ Java integration of xterm.js terminal emulator.

Css Grid Layout 3

Vaadin ComponentFactory

Build flexible layouts of any kind with css grid (V24+)

FullCalendar for Flow

Stefan Uebe

Integration of Full Calendar for the Vaadin Framework 14+

FullCalendar Scheduler for Flow

Stefan Uebe

Full Calendar Scheduler for the Vaadin Framework 14+

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