Ryan Pang

zxing-js and Vaadin for QR code scanner and creator, and bar code reader


Sami Ekblad

Track Vaadin application use with Google Analytics


Sami Ekblad

Net Promoter Score widget for Vaadin

GraalVM Native Image Example

Oliver Yasuna

An example of a Vaadin application that can be compiled to a native image using GraalVM.

SO Charts

Syam Pillai

A wrapper around the "echarts" Javascript library for creating charts.

App Layout Addon

Flowing Code

Vaadin integration of Polymer's AppLayout

Enhanced Rich Text Editor

Vaadin ComponentFactory

Enhanced Rich Text Editor for Flow is an extended version of Vaadin Rich Text Editor

Anchor Nav for Flow

Vaadin ComponentFactory

Organizes content sections with tabs and provides anchor navigation while linking the tabs and sections

Selection Grid

Vaadin ComponentFactory

Add the functionality to Vaadin Grid to focus on a particular row and column and select a range of rows with SHIFT/CTRL Click


Dan Watson

Simple ProgressBar replacement that renders a series of segments rather than a continuous bar.

NoUi Field

Dan Watson

Lightweight field implementation that has no UI component and can still be used with Binder.


Dan Watson

A collection of ComponentRenderers to handle common scenarios in rendering Grid data.

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