VCF Keyboard Shortcut Manager Flow

Vaadin ComponentFactory

A modern library for managing keyboard shortcuts in a Vaadin application.


Dan Watson

Extension of the Vaadin Upload component to allow usage in forms and enhance multi file uploads.

GridExporter for Vaadin

XDEV Software

Vaadin Flow GridExporter

Light ComboBox

Vaadin ComponentFactory

ComboBoxLight is a ComboBox without lazyloading feature and reduced API

Crud UI Add-on

Alejandro Duarte

Generate CRUD UIs for your entities/beans/POJOs at runtime

jOOQ for Vaadin

Simon Martinelli

Integrates Vaadin with jOOQ to run type safe SQL queries.


Tatu Lund

A bean populated html table component for Vaadin 24, 23.3.x and Vaadin 14.x backed by a dataprovider.

AudioPlayer Add-on

Team Parttio

Headless audio player using WebAudio API to allow streaming playback of an server-side PCM data buffer. Offers server side controls and pluggable effects.


Ryan Pang

zxing-js and Vaadin for QR code scanner and creator, and bar code reader


Sami Ekblad

Track Vaadin application use with Google Analytics


Sami Ekblad

Net Promoter Score widget for Vaadin

GraalVM Native Image Example

Oliver Yasuna

An example of a Vaadin application that can be compiled to a native image using GraalVM.

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