Lookup Field

Vaadin ComponentFactory

The Lookup field component allows you to search a specific record


Johannes Goebel

Modern & interactive open-source charts for Vaadin Flow


Vaadin ComponentFactory

Text input with a panel of suggested options

Pdf Viewer

Vaadin ComponentFactory

Component for displaying PDF files in the browser


Miki Olsz

Localised number fields, positionable labels, form generator, collection/map field, server-side text selection, date pickers with date pattern, configurable select components (tabs, GridSelect and ItemGrid), multi-click button, a LazyLoad, a ComponentObserver and even an UnloadListener. Plus fluid API, good JavaDocs and general Java-friendliness.

Selection GridPro

Vaadin ComponentFactory

Selection Grid component for Grid Pro


Tatu Lund

ColorPicker for Vaadin 23.3+

ChartJs add-on for Vaadin 14+

JD Rudie

ChartJS for Vaadin 14

Unlike Button

Alexander Mikhaylov

Unlike button

Year Month Calendar Add-on

Flowing Code

Full year / month calendar for Vaadin 22+

Like Button

Alexander Mikhaylov

A simple like button component


Vaadin ComponentFactory

Addon that recreates some of the functionalities of Vaadin 7 Grid Layout component for Vaadin Flow

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