Vaadin ComponentFactory

A content-rich small window that can be bound to target element


Adam Belak

Configurable panel for Vaadin.


Adam Belak

Simple way to define multistep wizards with Vaadin


Adam Belak

Configurable dialog extension for Vaadin's Dialog

FullCalendar for Flow

Stefan Uebe

Integration of Full Calendar for the Vaadin Framework 14+

FullCalendar Scheduler for Flow

Stefan Uebe

Full Calendar Scheduler for the Vaadin Framework 14+

Accessible Sortable List

Team Parttio

Accessible Sortable List

Selection Grid

Vaadin ComponentFactory

Add the functionality to Vaadin Grid to focus on a particular row and column and select a range of rows with SHIFT/CTRL Click

Upload Helper

David Dodlek

Accept single and multi file uploads on every component for Vaadin 14+

Enhanced Rich Text Editor

Vaadin ComponentFactory

Enhanced Rich Text Editor for Flow is an extended version of Vaadin Rich Text Editor

Grid Helpers Add-on

Flowing Code

Several grid recipes for Vaadin 23+ (and 22), ready to use


Sami Ekblad

Simple user inactivity monitor for Vaadin applications ⏱️

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