UploadButton Add-on

Tatu Lund

UploadButton is alternative version of Upload component with more faithful Button behavior

QR Scanner

Michal Hampel

QR Scanner addon for Vaadin 14

ScribblePane Add-on

Enver Haase

A simple Vaadin Add-On for sketching on a HTML5 canvas and saving the result server-side. Uses GWT.

Geo Location Addon - Vaadin 14

Jean-Christophe Gueriaud

Geolocation addon for Vaadin 14


Vaadin ComponentFactory

Web Component for creating customised modal dialogs. This is an extension of the Vaadin Dialog.

Google Sign in V14

Tatu Lund

Google Sign in -Vaadin 14 component


Vaadin ComponentFactory

Web component for manipulating and animating SVG.

QuickPopup component for Vaadin Flow

Marcelo D. RĂ©

QuickPopup is a control similar to the PopupView for Vaadin 8+.

alump's Vaadin Rich Text Editor

Sami Viitanen

Yet another fork of Vaadin Rich Text Editor with some additional features

Extended Native Select

Andre Loreth

Native Select with placeholder and empty selection capabilities

Async Manager

Artem Godin

Advanced Push/Polling manager for Vaadin Flow


Alejandro Duarte

A tabsheet component with multiple tabs that automatically show the page content when a tab is clicked

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