Progress components

Mekaso GmbH

Progress components


Johannes Goebel

Modern & interactive open-source charts for Vaadin Flow

Material Icons for Vaadin 14+

Károly Kótay-Szabó

Material Icons for Vaadin


Parity Theme

Team Parttio

A Goldman Sachs Design System inspired theme for Vaadin


Ryan Pang

CKEditor 5 and Vaadin, rich text editor including multiple functionalities


David Dodlek

Crop images and use them afterwards


Jean-Christophe Gueriaud

Simple extension to bind CSS Media query in Java, help to build responsive UI


boluwajiodufuwa Empty

Custom Media Query

Timeline for Flow

Vaadin ComponentFactory

Timeline component to display data in time for Vaadin Flow

Carbon for Vaadin

Team Parttio

A Carbon inspired theme for Vaadin

Enhanced Crud

Vaadin ComponentFactory

Enhanced CRUD offers read only mode, canceling save and access to Editor buttons

Lumo Paper Slider

Vaadin ComponentFactory

A field component based on paper-slider with full API and Lumo styles for Vaadin 14 and newer

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