Splide Addon

Vaadin ComponentFactory

Vaadin addon that displays images and videos as a carousel

Vaadin Icons Add-on

Vaadin Ltd

Enables simple usage of Vaadin Icons in your application


Roger Parkinson

Integrates Madura Objects with Vaadin applications including support for dynamic metadata changes (available choices, read/write status of fields etc).


Martin Prause

Cytoscape for Vaadin Flow / Graph / Network


Andre Schemschat

A range-slider component for Vaadin 8

Line Awesome icons for Vaadin

Team Parttio

Awesome icon library for Vaadin apps, which don't increase your front-end bundle size.


Marcus Merten

Star Rating Component

Toggle Button Group

Soroosh Taefi

Toggle-Button-Group for Vaadin 23.3+ and Java 17+

Clipboard for Flow

Stefan Uebe

A Vaadin Flow utility to access the clientside clipboard.


David Dodlek

Create and use smooth signatures for Vaadin 14 & 23

Trix Editor

Jürgen Hoffmann

Integration of Trix Editor for Vaadin platform

Browser Opener

Olli Tietäväinen

Open a new browser window when clicking on a component

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