Change Password AddOn for Vaadin Flow

Joel Robertson

A panel component and dialog for changing known passwords, forgotten passwords, and establishing the user ID and password for a new account. Supports user-defined complexity criteria, strength scoring, and internationalization.


Sebastian Dietrich

Field for entering JSR354 (including both amount and currency)


Team Parttio

A version of Vaadin Charts that uses less memory with large datasets.

Pdf Viewer

Vaadin ComponentFactory

Component for displaying PDF files in the browser

Spring Boot Security for Vaadin

Patrick Schmidt

Security for Vaadin applications based on Spring Boot Security

Declarative UI for Vaadin Flow

Patrick Schmidt

Declarative UI for Vaadin Flow

Serializable Service References for Vaadin Flow

Patrick Schmidt

Serializable Service References for Vaadin Flow

Unload Beacon for Vaadin Flow

Patrick Schmidt

Sends a beacon on unloading a page to close UIs without delay.

Splide Addon

Vaadin ComponentFactory

Vaadin addon that displays images and videos as a carousel

Vaadin Icons Add-on

Vaadin Ltd

Enables simple usage of Vaadin Icons in your application


Roger Parkinson

Integrates Madura Objects with Vaadin applications including support for dynamic metadata changes (available choices, read/write status of fields etc).


Martin Prause

Cytoscape for Vaadin Flow / Graph / Network

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