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MessageBox by Dieter Steinwedel

*** Please vote to honor my work.*** Version 4.x.x: Vaadin 8.0.5+ Version 3.x.x: Vaadin 7.2+ with method chaining syntax Version 2.x.x: Vaadin 7+ Version 1.1.x: Vaadin 6.7+ DESCRIPTION ============ You simply want to show a message dialog? Unfortunally, Vaadin does not offer such a dialog. This add-on closes this gap. Now, the button captions are translated to more than 40 languages! USAGE ====== It's very simple, flexible and self-explaining code: MessageBox .createInfo() .withCaption("Info") .withMessage("Hello World!") .withOkButton(() -> System.out.println("Ok pressed.")) .open(); You can add more buttons with button listeners. But you can do much more. Test the demo to find out all features! THANK YOU ========== I thank all contributors for the i18n, bug reports and ideas. It helps me a lot to improve the quality of this addon. Also I am glad about so much feedback. That is the cause, why I write open source and I maintain this addon.

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