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CKEditor wrapper for Vaadin by David Wall

CKEditor is a javascript-based HTML "rich text" editor that works in common browsers. This component provides a wrapper around it for use in a Vaadin-based application. Vaadin 6: Developed using Vaadin 6.8.10 and CKEditor 4.1.1 in an Eclipse environment. This is no longer supported here. Vaadin 7: Developed using Vaadin 7.7.9 and CKEditor 4.7.0 in an Eclipse environment. This is currently being support. Vaadin 8: Currently no plans are in the works. Note there is another project that claims to have done so:!addon/ckeditor You simply can drop the JAR file into your Vaadin WEB-INF/lib and begin using it, but as for all new add-ons, do a Vaadin widgetset compile. Note this was compiled with JDK 1.6.

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