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CKEditor wrapper for Vaadin by David Wall

CKEditor is a javascript-based HTML "rich text" editor that works in common browsers. This component provides a wrapper around it for use in a Vaadin-based application. Vaadin 6: Developed using Vaadin 6.8.10 and CKEditor 4.1.1 in an Eclipse environment. Vaadin 7: Developed using Vaadin 7.7.6 and CKEditor 4.6.2 in an Eclipse environment. Vaadin 8: Currently no plans are in the works. If you'd like to take over the project (prefer that to forking, but forking a new project would be fine too of course) to help with this change, we can look at what it means to let you make changes to the GIT code. Since the Vaadin 7 version made use of some legacy connectors from Vaadin 6, it may or may not be possible to keep the infrastructure code for Vaadin 8, though if the main "API" for using it stays the same, users of this add-on will not have to change. You simply can drop the JAR file into your Vaadin WEB-INF/lib and begin using it, but as for all new add-ons, do a Vaadin widgetset compile. Note this was compiled with JDK 1.6.

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