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Flowfact made a public real-estate management software with Vaadin


FLOWFACT mobile is a public webapp in addition to the two main software products of the FLOWFACT AG that it provides to its customers - firstly, there is FLOWFACT Performer CRM as real estate CRM Software and in addition direct hAPPy as real estate sales software with CRM approach.

FLOWFACT mobile is an addition to these products and allows the customer to access their company data from any place. Right now the customer can access the companies' addresses and estates in FLOWFACT mobile with their corresponding history entries. The customer is able to read, add and edit this data from any mobile phone, tablet or browser device, anywhere.

Because Real Estate Agents have a very mobile job profile, most of their time is spent out of the office to meet prospects or acquire real estates. With most systems, they need to write down every task they do while out of the office and then later on edit them into the IT system. In most cases, this does not happen or the real estate agent needs to use unproductive office time to update the information. With FLOWFACT mobile they can edit and save all the Data directly on their mobile devices and the information will be saved in the company's system.

This saves the real estate agents' time and the company gets all the data it needs. FLOWFACT AG believes that mobile working will be the top topic in the future and that classic desktop PCs will get extinct. So we set a main focus in developing our new features and products mobile first.

Using Vaadin and the future of FLOWFACT Mobile

"Whenever we needed some help, Vaadin was there to provide it to us – and invoice handling was never that much of a problem!"
"Using the Vaadin framework allows us to develop our software for nearly every device on the market"

- Andreas Runschke, Product Manager, FLOWFACT AG - 

FLOWFACT mobile is under constant development and is seen as one of our main products. Therefore many updates and new features are planned for this product. The final goal would be to update this mobile webapp to a fully working CRM product, like one of our main products for desktop PCs.