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Password Field

Text Field

The themable Web Component providing input controls. Part of the Vaadin components.


Text Field and Text Area

Choose Text Field for singe-line text input and Text Area for multi-line text.

Password Field with optional button to show password

Helpful for mobile users who may have difficulty typing their password correctly.

Email Field

Browser autocompletion treats the field for email input and shows dedicated input controls on mobile.

Number Field

Mobile browser shows dedicated input controls. Decrease and increase buttons for the value can be shown optionally.


Vaadin Text Field comes with both Lumo and Material design themes, and it can be customized to fit your application.

Prefix and postfix

Prefix or postfix values can be added to the field.


Vaadin Text Field supports both HTML5 validation and custom validators.


Setting the autoselect flag on will select the input text of the field, whenever it gets focused.