Vaadin Community Award

The Vaadin Community Award (VCA) is a program that recognizes community members who have demonstrated an exceptional track record of community participation.

Vaadin Community Award Coins
Meet this Year’s Winners

2022 VCA Winners

Congratulations to this year’s winners. We thank them for all their efforts to build a thriving developer community. Read all about this year’s winners.
Simon Martinelli
Simon Martinelli
Ryan Pang
Ryan Pang
Christian 'Knoobie' Knoop
Christian "Knoobie" Knoop
Josiah Haswell
Josiah Haswell

2021 VCA winners

Adrian Szegedi
Adrián Szegedi
Adrian Szegedi
Simon Martinelli
Adrian Szegedi
Ricardo Cantillo
Adrian Szegedi
Syam Pillai
Adrian Szegedi
Andrea Bosio

What are the VCA winner benefits?

All Vaadin Community Award winners get these awesome benefits, as well as an opportunity to be interviewed for Vaadin blog.
Have recognition
Receive a physical recognition token
1 year Pro Subscription
Get a free one-year Pro subscription valued at $1668
Become a moderator
Gain the moderator role on the Vaadin's Discord server
Get listed on this page
Get listed on the official VCA page on
How are winners chosen
How does it work?

How are the winners chosen?

Vaadin community members that have significantly contributed to the community over the past year have a chance to win the VCA. Every year, new VCA winners are selected by the Vaadin DevRel team.
How to get the title

How can you earn the title?

The VCA is given to members that actively lead online and local Vaadin communities. Some of the ways you can give back to the community include:

  • Speak at conferences or Java User Groups
  • Create and maintain popular Vaadin Directory add-ons
  • Publish articles and videos centered on Vaadin features and integrations with other technologies
  • Engage in social media, Discord, and Stack Overflow discussions
  • Constantly and passionately help other members of the Vaadin Community
Be the next VCA winner

Start contributing now!

Everybody is welcome to join the community, regardless of their experience with Vaadin. Don't hesitate to use hashtags (#vaadin) and tag the official Vaadin accounts when you share cool stuff such as tips and tricks, screenshots of your apps, talks you gave, add-ons you published, or anything else that could interest other developers.