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Marcus Hellberg
05/15/17 9:00 PM

Vaadin Core Elements 2 Roadmap

These are exciting times for Web developers. More and more browsers have shipped native support for Web Components, allowing us to rely less on polyfills and finally realize the full potential of Web Components. You might have seen that Google released a new Polymer-based version of Youtube a couple weeks ago. Several other large companies like General Electric and McDonald's have also showcased production applications built with Web Components. We're finally seeing Web Components move from "cool future technology" to something that's running business critical apps and sites for large companies.

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Johannes Häyry
05/11/17 7:00 AM

A Guide to migrating from GXT to Vaadin

Vaadin has always had a strong position when companies are evaluating the next platform to migrate their Java based desktop applications to. The programming model of Vaadin Framework is very similar to their existing codebase, which immediately makes Vaadin feel natural and productive to work with. The strong migration story continues even more so with GXT and other GWT based applications. In addition to the similar component based and event driven Java programming model, there is a distinctive advantage in migrating a GXT/GWT application to Vaadin. To highlight how straightforward the migration can be, I compiled a guide for migrating GXT (and GWT) based applications to Vaadin Framework called:  “7-step guide to migrating from GXT to Vaadin”.

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Kirill Bulatov
05/10/17 1:00 PM

How to bind your form to your domain model – the Vaadin 8 style

Lots of web applications require the user to input some data in order to manipulate it later. This article shows how Vaadin makes this task easy to implement.

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dmitrii rogozin
05/09/17 5:00 AM

New Vaadin element for building stunning dashboards released

As hinted earlier, today the Vaadin Pro team is happy to introduce Vaadin Board. It is an element for creating flexible responsive layouts very easily. No need to hassle with CSS, you just write plain declarative code.

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Risto Yrjänä
05/03/17 5:00 AM

Vaadin Designer 1.3 and 2.1 released

Since releasing Vaadin Designer 2 with Framework 8, the Designer team has been busy adding more features to Designer based on user feedback. As of today, Designer 2.1 for Framework 8 and Designer 1.3 for Framework 7 are available for Eclipse and Intellij with two new features: replace with layout and property id annotation support.

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