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Matti Tahvonen
02/21/17 1:30 AM

Vaadin Framework 8 is out!

The long wait is over and I’m privileged to announce that Vaadin Framework 8.0.0 is released today! Version 7 was released over four years ago. Even though there have been 7 minor releases since the initial release, that have added countless of new major features, major releases are always more exciting. With them we can revise the core API and drop some legacy to gain more velocity for the upcoming “major minors”.

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Miki Olszewski
02/20/17 6:36 AM

Want to learn Vaadin? Check out our university course!

One of the best things about open source communities is the sharing of knowledge. And what better way to share it than by organising a course at the local university? Last fall we collaborated with Turku Centre for Computer Science and the result was a full course called “Developing Modern Web Apps with Vaadin”. It gathered nearly 100 participants and was the most attended course outside the normal teaching curriculum and because of its popularity, we decided to record it and release the lecture videos to all of you.

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Matti Tahvonen
02/16/17 7:00 AM

Vaadin Framework 6 is becoming end-of-life, now what?

Vaadin Framework 7 was released in 2013, but there are still a whole lot of Vaadin 6 applications, doing their job, each and every day. When Vaadin 8 comes out as a stable release, which is hopefully pretty soon, Vaadin 6 series won’t anymore be covered by our free support, 8 years after its initial release. If you are still maintaining Vaadin 6 applications, you probably have several questions in your mind. What does it mean, should you be concerned, what should you do?

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Juniper Belmont
02/14/17 3:00 PM

Learn ES6 Today with Vaadin Elements - Part 2: The Fetch API

In this segment of our guide to ES6, you’ll learn how to use the Fetch API to simplify your HTTP requests.

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Sami Ekblad
02/10/17 1:15 PM

Vaadin 8 on tour

Vaadin Framework’s 8th release is almost here. And this really is a tentpole release. Whether you are already using an earlier version of Vaadin Framework, or just planning to use it, we are organizing an excellent way for you to see and hear what the new version really means for you - in person.

Meet us on the “Vaadin 8 tour” during spring 2017. Together with local Java User Groups, we are organizing Vaadin 8 events, talks and Q&A sessions all over the world for you to meet us.

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