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Tanja Repo
01/12/17 7:10 AM

Anastasia solves everyday problems with her team - it was love at first sight with Vaadin <3

Sometimes things just click. Anastasia is studying for a Master’s degree in Information Technology at the University of Turku and at the end of 2015 she was looking for an interesting topic to cover in her Bachelor’s thesis.

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Juniper Belmont
01/11/17 12:00 PM

Announcing new Vaadin Elements: vaadin-split-layout and vaadin-context-menu

Vaadin Elements has just launched <vaadin-split-layout> and <vaadin-context-menu> as two new freely available elements to our existing four. Vaadin Elements is a set of open source business class web components that bring structure and functionality to your web apps. vaadin-split-layout and vaadin-context-menu continue our trend of powerful, extensible web components.

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Alejandro Duarte
12/31/16 8:30 AM

Community Spotlight - December 2016

Time for another episode of Vaadin Community Spotlight. This time I had the opportunity to talk with Ángel Martínez.

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Sami Ekblad
12/29/16 7:37 AM

2016 Recap

As a company we have continued the steady growth. Our internal chat channel now lists 137 members. This means some 30% growth since last year. In addition there are now over 1k Certified Vaadin Developers around the world. 

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Johannes Häyry
12/21/16 11:00 AM

TestBench 4.2 is out with new convenience methods

TestBench 4.2 brings you a very nice improvement for screenshot testing, a few convenience methods, easier configuration of parallel testing, and bug fixes.

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