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Benefits of Vaadin Support

Are you getting tired of projects getting stuck, missed deadlines, constant uncertainty whether or not you are able to stay within your budget? Then we might have the solution for you. With Vaadin Prime you're not only getting unlimited access to your personal Vaadin Expert, you'll also be able to tackle the hardest deadlines, stay within your budget and will be able to guarantee a much higher quality of your application to your end-users.

  • Faster application development
  • Stay within budget
  • Your Vaadin Expert by your side
  • Outsource the little details
  • Reduced risk with warranty
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Less technical debt
  • Improved developer satisfaction

"We have used Vaadin Support for difficult issues, of which we didn't have experience yet, or we couldn't find answers to in a short time. Sometimes we only ask opinions on how to use or build components."

  • Faster application development

    Develop your application faster and deliver your project on-time. By meeting or even beating your deadlines with our Expert guidance you will be able to publish your product much faster and can benefit from its returns on your initial investments.

  • Have your Vaadin Expert by your side

    It can be hard to find top notch Vaadin expertise. With Prime you are able to chat directly in real time with a Vaadin Expert that will help you with both, client side and server side and integration and theming.

  • Reduce your risk with our warranty agreement

    To have full control of your project, you will want to ensure external bugs don't slow you down. The combination of an open source project and a dedicated warranty agreement reduces your risks and gives you the best of both worlds. The code is tested and used by thousands but if you were to stumble upon a problem you'll have a reputable company to fix their product.

  • Less technical debt

    Benefit from the guidance and support of our Experts. Your team will learn the best practices that we have used from hundreds of projects and will be able to eliminate hacks and other workarounds. With an additional training subscription you ensure your entire team gets access to expert led trainings on Vaadin and the latest web technologies. Continuous learning ensures your applications are built the right way, and thus saving you time and money.

  • Stay within budget

    Meeting your deadlines and estimating your projects together with the help of our experts will help you to stay within your agreed budget and avoid unforeseen or additional costs.

  • Outsource the little details

    It can be hard to find an area expert for all smaller details when you need it. With development on demand, you'll get access to the core Vaadin team and can have them build the things that take too much time to get into. We'd be happy to build a custom component, integrate with some other technology or build a theme for you.

  • Guaranteed high quality standards result in reduced maintenance costs

    All of our work is guaranteed to be delivered by Experts that have helped building the tools, elements and framework that you have learned to trust. In addition, let your application be maintained by a minimal amount of developers and have the Vaadin team support your maintenance team on demand.

  • Improved developer satisfaction

    Avoid getting stuck or frustrated while trying to find solutions to common issues. With the guidance of our experts your developer will be able to constantly increase their Vaadin knowledge while avoiding mistakes. This will boost your developer satisfaction significantly and will have a great and motivating impact on your company's working culture and overall performance.


Expert guidance right from the beginning

Finding the right layout structure and how to componentize your UI designs can give you 20% less of unnecessary iteration and refactoring. Poor choices cause unnecessary complexity that needs to be refactored later. Also, wrong layout hierarchy causes sluggish user experience and slow rendering times. Save time by getting on the right track from the beginning and having your Vaadin Expert right by your side through our new Expert Chat.
End-users judge your system by the UI behavior. In combination to above, a good user experience design is crucial. Our UX designers can coach and assist hands-on to get this right.

  • Less iteration and refactoring
  • No unnecesary complexity
  • Faster rendering times
  • Assitance for your UI

"I once solved a nasty issue a customer had had for weeks in their code in less than 30 minutes. It felt awesome."


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