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TouchKit is dead, long live TouchKit

Vaadin TouchKit is released today under Apache 2.0 license - the same permissive free software license as the core framework has. At the same time, we stop developing the product and we will not release any new features for it. We continue to support the product through our commercial support service. Continue reading for the reasoning behind the decision, what it means for you and how you can participate in the open source project.

Vaadin 8 is your choice for mobile development

Back in the Vaadin 6 era, we introduced an add-on called Vaadin TouchKit for bringing mobile support to Vaadin apps. The collection of mobile optimised components, the custom theme, and the custom servlet allowed implementing appealing UIs for mobile browsers with the same ease as for the desktop browsers.

Along the years, with each new release, Vaadin has matured for mobile devices in ways that defeat the need for a separate add-on for mobile use cases. Our standing is strong, and we will keep adding new mobile features in the future 8.x versions of Vaadin Framework.

Please keep being active and tell us what you want to see in the future releases regarding new mobile features. Comment on this post or go to our forum and comment on this thread with your ideas and expectations. Of course, the best way to get noticed is by creating an issue in GitHub.

TouchKit for Vaadin Framework 8

Although we stop developing the official Vaadin TouchKit, it doesn’t mean you can’t still use it for your Vaadin 7 projects. If you have an existing license, you can continue using the current official version from Vaadin Directory and Maven repository. For future development, you need to rely on the community.

But there is more. We also ported TouchKit to Vaadin Framework 8. This version is completely free under Apache license, but it is not maintained. We hope that the community will take over the project. We encourage you to go and make your own fork of it and become the lead of the new community version of TouchKit.

EDIT 2017-03-09: There is already a very promising fork with some fixes.

Announcing Vaadin Prime

We’re happy to announce Vaadin Prime – the next generation of enterprise grade support for your team. You can now be a Vaadin user in three tiers; as an open source developer, a professional developer or a development team:

Vaadin Prime is for teams what Vaadin Pro is for individuals, starting from teams of 3 developers and including everything from Pro and Core.

We’re also giving unlimited access to all trainings available as an add-on to Pro and Prime – with over 30 new trainings that you can attend online, whenever it suits you best and as many times as you’d like to, for a flat subscription price.

Sign up with Prime before the end of April – get Trainings for free!

When you sign up for the Prime plan for a year, you get free trainings for the entire team for the first year. You will save $5,400 with a team of 3 persons and $18,000 with a team of 10. Sign up either online or contact our sales at

For all our existing Pro Tools and Support customers – you can keep your current model or upgrade at any time by talking to our sales.

Get Vaadin Prime

Contributing back to Vaadin

Being an open source project, our goal at Vaadin has always been to enable contributing to the framework as easily as possible. And we’ve accomplished that quite well - Vaadin wouldn’t be what it is today without your feedback and help.

Everything we do is fully open in our public Trac system and GitHub where you have the chance to follow what we are working on during any minute of the day. The best way to contribute back to Vaadin has been, and still is, by writing a ticket about an issue that has bugged you - preferably with an attached patch to fix the issue.

A couple of years back we also invested heavily in a plug-in architecture for Vaadin and after that launched the Vaadin Directory - the place for you to share your add-ons. The Vaadin Directory today contains over 370 add-ons and the amount of add-ons is growing all the time.

But we’ve been lacking the last missing link: an easy way to give you the freedom to commit directly to the core of Vaadin. We’re happy to announce that using Gerrit we can now extend the review policy, we’ve been using internally, to the entire Vaadin community.

Be a part of the core committers of Vaadin. Start by reading through the Contributing Code article, create your accounts according to the instructions and get started today.

For a summary on different ways of contributing back to Vaadin, please check out the Contribute community-page.