GitHub transition: completed

Like the most active of you have already noticed, Vaadin has been moving its open source functions to GitHub. Today, we can finally say we are there. Vaadin Framework is the biggest and the most important project to adapt a fully GitHub based workflow.

What does this mean to you?

In short: forget Trac and Gerrit, GitHub is used for everything. This makes participating easier and more familiar for many OSS contributors. The main repositories are now hosted in GitHub and changes are reviewed as basic pull requests. Bug reports and enhancement ideas are now in GitHub as well. The well served Trac service is now in read only state and all existing issues were moved to GitHub.

Our professional services, like Bug Fix Priority, are now also referring to GitHub issues.

Reporting a bug or an enhancement idea

To report a new bug, follow this basic process:

  1. If you don’t have one already, create a GitHub account

  2. Choose the correct project from, e.g. vaadin/framework for Vaadin Framework

  3. Search existing issues as somebody else might have already faced the same issue. If you have more details of the issue, comment on the existing issue. You can also otherwise let the team know the issue is important, by commenting or adding a thumb up emoji or something. You can also subscribe to the issue to be notified about changes in the issue.

  4. If there was no issue yet, create a new one. Add clear details of how to reproduce the issue and attach a reduced test case if possible.

Contributing code

If you want to go a bit further, you can also provide code that fixes bugs or adds cool new features. In that case:

  1. Fork the project of your choice from

  2. Create a pull request, one per fix/feature. Use separate branches for separate changes.

  3. On pull request, ensure you have a contribution licence agreed, the pull request reports this automatically.

  4. Wait for the team to review the changes either directly in GitHub or using Reviewable.

As a summary, participating in any Vaadin project just got much simpler! Individual projects have some more detailed instructions on how to setup development environment and run tests.

Browse Vaadin projects in GitHub

Date-picker gets even better for December

Vaadin Elements has just been updated with improvement to vaadin-date-picker. This update brings some customizability to the element, as well as accessibility and performance improvements.

  • Max and min date limits can now be added with the `min` and `max` properties. Now you’ll never accidentally schedule an event for days gone by.
  • Optional week numbers with the showWeekNumber property. Week numbers are helpful for planning projects or vacations.
  • vaadin-date-picker now supports text input. Type in a date like “10/21/1955” and vaadin-date-picker will use that date.
  • In addition, the text input format is customizable by setting the i18n.parseDate function. Write a custom parsing function or use a library like Sugar to select dates with “today” or “Thursday next week” or “87 years ago”.
date-picker text input enhancement

And lastly, there have also been a few accessibility and performance improvements:

  • Performance has been improved considerably.
  • Screen reader support has been added to improve accessibility. Additionally, if you’ve changed the localization away from English, then the screen reader will read the localized dates.
  • Touch scrolling has been improved.

Enjoy working with the improved vaadin-date-picker. As always, you can ask for questions and support on our forums or Github.

Learn more about installing and using vaadin-date-picker

Use XLSX files on the web with Vaadin Spreadsheet 1.3

We are proud to announce the release of Vaadin Spreadsheet 1.3. Vaadin Spreadsheet is a Vaadin Add-on that enables you to use your existing Excel files online. Your files work as-is and come with the same styling and functions, just online. 

New features and benefits are:

  • Support for Apache POI 3.15, the latest and greatest version at the time of writing.
  • Support for commonly used named ranges within your XLSX files.
  • Support for the commonly used SUBTOTAL function. Due to Apache POI 3.15, only the include hidden values is supported.
  • The rendering performance for conditionally styled cells has been greatly increased.

Check it out. With this release taking your Excel files to the web got even better. 

Get started with Vaadin Spreadsheet 1.3 now