Vaadin endpoints have arrived: How do they compare to REST?

How do Vaadin endpoints compare to REST?

New stateless endpoints are one of the main features introduced in Vaadin 15. You can use them in client-side TypeScript views to connect to backend logic on the Java server. At first glance, this looks really similar to existing solutions, such as REST. There are indeed many similarities, but there are also key differences to keep in mind.

Vaadin 15 TypeScript support for Vaadin apps

Vaadin 15 is here

When Vaadin first launched nearly 20 years ago, it focused on doing one thing: allowing developers to build UX-first web applications using Java, in a cleanly-abstracted environment. Vaadin’s powerful abstraction capabilities are now one of its defining features: it provides a cost-effective ...
Creating client-side TypeScript views in Vaadin 15

An introduction to client-side TypeScript views in Vaadin 15

Vaadin is fast expanding its horizons. By the next LTS (estimated for 2021), the platform is looking to fully support two unique development models: Java-only server-side development (the current primary Vaadin model). TypeScript-based client-side UI development with seamless access to Java on the ...