Bridging the gap between Vaadin decision makers and customers all over the world

Vaadin held the first Vaadin Insights Online event for customers in the Americas, and the EMEA and Asia Pacific regions during the last 2 weeks of April 2020. The event focused on current trends in web app development and design systems, and included three great presentations during 3 webinars.


Vaadin Dev Day - Berlin 2019

Background processing, Web Components integration, migration to Vaadin 14, JUnit, and JavaScript tips and tricks, were only a few of the hot topics covered in the latest Vaadin Dev Day that took place last week in the vibrant and "never-sleeping" city of Berlin. The event It was great to see an ...

Vaadin Developer Meetup Helsinki

We'll arrange in co-operation with Logica a Vaadin developer meetup on December 3 in Helsinki, Finland (Pitäjänmäki to be exact). The core of the relaxed developer-to-developer event is discussions on roadmaps, future development and showing each other what has been done with Vaadin. You are ...