Building a React + Java app just got faster with Hilla 1.3

Mikael Sukoinen
Mikael Sukoinen
On Dec 1, 2022 10:15:00 AM
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It’s been just over half a year since we introduced Hilla: A new open-source framework from Vaadin that helps you build reactive Java-based business applications faster. Hilla is designed for teams that want to combine a TypeScript frontend with a Spring Boot Java backend. Today, we are excited to announce our latest development to the framework...

React support.

While React is the most popular open-source JavaScript/Typescript library for building web user interfaces, developers know that combining additional tools with React significantly speeds up development.

That’s where Hilla comes in.

Hilla is a full-stack platform that boosts developer productivity so that application teams can create modern business applications even more quickly than with React alone.
Here’s how Hilla helps. With Hilla you can:

  • Develop faster with auto-generated code for communication between the front and backend, eliminating the need to create a REST API.
  • Discover and fix errors earlier thanks to end-to-end type safety.
  • Build beautiful UIs more quickly with 45+ UI components and a customizable base theme.
  • Simplify security with endpoints that are secured by default and validation that ensures data integrity across the server and client.
  • Get started quickly with a zero-configuration toolchain for building both your UI and back end.

React support for Hilla is officially available on December 14, 2022. Go to GitHub for the Beta release if you’re eager to try it already. 

Not using React? Hilla also works with Lit!

Learn more at and follow us on Twitter @hillaframework.

What about Vaadin Flow?

Vaadin Flow, our flagship framework, is designed for Java developers who want to build UIs with their Java skills instead of learning HTML or JavaScript. If you know and love Vaadin Flow, don’t worry, it’s here to stay! We have many new features on the Flow roadmap for next month, including 2 new UI components, and more still planned for next year.
While Vaadin Flow is thriving, some developers tell us they use different frameworks for different applications depending on the desired architecture and the skills available in the team. Hence, Hilla. If you are one of those developers for whom Hilla is a fit, we’d love you to consider adding HiIla to your toolkit.
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Coming SoonUsing React with Java? Hilla can help

Find out how you can use Hilla + React to build applications faster and easier than just using React alone. 

Learn about Hilla
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