Vaadin and GWT Meetup in San Francisco

Join us for our JavaOne meetup in San Francisco! October 2 will be the day, and Hotel Serrano will be the venue (it's just around the corner of JavaOne). Just follow the line from A to B on the map below. Everyone's welcome to talk with other Vaadin users starting from 5pm. We'll have some Vaadin-related presentations too. Oh, and no worries; we'll bring the beer.


Everyone's welcome to join us! More information and registration on our meetup page.

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I was not there at the event but would love to know what happened there, would be glad to enjoy some pics.
Ready to assemble cabinets
Posted on 10/23/12 7:48 AM.
Hi Janne,

Take a look at for the presentations&videos, and we'll see if we get some pics added as well. ;)
Posted on 10/25/12 11:42 AM.