Vaadin 8 on tour

Vaadin Framework’s 8th release is almost here. And this really is a tentpole release. Whether you are already using an earlier version of Vaadin Framework, or just planning to use it, we are organizing an excellent way for you to see and hear what the new version really means for you - in person.

Meet us on the “Vaadin 8 tour” during spring 2017. Together with local Java User Groups, we are organizing Vaadin 8 events, talks and Q&A sessions all over the world for you to meet us.

Vaadin 8 on tour

Check out the map for upcoming events, and pick the one nearest to you. Or if you know of a place we should definitely visit, let us know and we’ll make it happen!


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Any release date in mind for V8 ?
Posted on 2/16/17 6:14 PM.