Vaadin 6.6.0 (a.k.a. "San Francisco") is Here


We have a big day today. We are proud to announce that six months of hard work is now packaged and Vaadin 6.6.0 has been released to the public.

Following the latest trend for mobile computing, the main target for the Vaadin 6.6 Framework was to add touch device support as a first-class feature to the framework itself. This means that the Vaadin default widgets can now handle the touch events supported by the latest devices like the iPhone, iPad as well as Android.

Based on this, we have mobile device support with native look-and-feel coming up a little later. The TouchKit Add-on v2 is on its way and will follow Vaadin 6.6 next month. This release will bring you widgets that fit seamlessly first to IPhone and later releases will then support iPad and Android devices.

The Small Things

There were also a lot of small, but still important feature additions and bug fixes made along the way. Most notable amongst these  are:

  • New Filtering API for Vaadin Containers.

  • Updated to latest Google Web Toolkit 2.3

  • Nested bean properties in BeanItemContainer make it easy to create flat forms from nested bean data.

  • Lazy loading support for ComboBox

  • Support for custom communication managers enable features like WSRP and XS to be integrated.

  • Support IE9 in native mode and force IE8 rendering

… and many many more. If interested you can always find more details in our release notes.

Design Visually

The visual editing tool for Vaadin has reached beta and is now officially part of the tool set for Eclipse IDE.

At the same time the Vaadin Plug-in for Eclipse has gone through some refactoring to simplify the concepts. Now all you have to install is the Vaadin Plug-in for Eclipse and you have all you need to build and run your first Vaadin application in minutes.

Important note to current Eclipse plugin users: You have to unsinstall the previous version of the plugin to succesfully install this new version.

Vaadin at Google I/O

This year we got invited to Google I/O as a 'Sandbox Partner'. So if you're attending you'll find us there with the a demo booth. The event will start within 11 hours and everything is ready...

And the visual editing tool for Vaadin in NetBeans ?
Posted on 5/10/11 7:57 AM.
Awesome! Congrats to all involved!
Posted on 5/10/11 10:31 AM.
Posted on 5/10/11 3:32 PM in reply to Stefano Ferrari.
Where can I download the latest Eclipse Plugin for Vaadin 6.6 with Visual Designer?

The latest download at add-on site ("") is still ""
Posted on 5/12/11 12:14 AM.
Jian: You can get the latest from directly from your eclipse. Remember to remove the old plugin first.
Posted on 5/12/11 12:01 PM in reply to Jian Wu.
The plugin is now updated in the Directory too:
Posted on 5/12/11 1:51 PM in reply to Jian Wu.
Vaadin 6.6.0 + Eclipse PlugIn works great emoticon
just tested and provided Demo Projects for Vaadin 6.6.0 + OSGI + ICEpush using redVaadin ( Push Services
(also blogged about this
Posted on 5/12/11 5:44 PM.
Hi Sami,

I downloaded the latest vaadin plugin.

Thanks a lot for your quick help!

Posted on 5/12/11 6:01 PM.
What about Spring Roo plugin?
Posted on 5/16/11 7:11 PM in reply to Jian Wu.
Also see blogpost about the release at GWT blog:
Posted on 5/17/11 5:43 AM. describes how to get started with the Roo plugin.
Posted on 5/19/11 10:48 AM in reply to Andrey Rubtsov.