The Future of GWT Survey 2013

"What does the future of GWT look like?" The GWT Steering committee asked this question last year in the "Future of GWT 2012" survey and you in the GWT community answered in hordes.

GWT logoOne of the major things identified in last year's survey was compilation speed - and that is something the development teams have been working on for both GWT 2.6 and GWT 3.0. GWT now also has a new project home and a public roadmap. The steering committee decided on a tick-tock release model and GWT 2.6 can be expected by the end of 2013 and GWT 3.0 in the second quarter of 2014.

But what is up next? How should GWT develop? What technologies should it better support? What is your opinion on the future of GWT? In order to understand this we'd like to hear your thoughts.

Information is king - So once we collect all the data from this survey, we'll work together to build The Future of GWT Report 2013  - Results will be first published at the GWT.create 2013 conference in December and right after online for everyone to see.

Could you take 10 mins to fill out The Future of GWT survey? (and share it with your peers bit.ly/GWT2013)

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