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Last month we released 1.0 of the Vaadin Plugin for Spring Roo. Have you tried it out already? If not, take a look at the nice screencast Josh Long from SpringSource created on how to use Roo - Vaadin combination:

After the release, Vaadin team has been busy researching best practices on how to use Roo and Vaadin together for more than just demos and CRUD -type application. As a result, we wrote a tutorial on building a complete application with Roo and Vaadin as a chapter to Book of Vaadin. Take a look of it to see how to add fully custom user interfaces to the application, how to modify navigation and layouts as well as shows best practices for validation, error handling and internationalization. In the tutorial, we'll build a full application step-by-step and deploy it to Cloud Foundry in the end. Try out the application yourself to see what can be done with this technology stack (hint: username admin, password admin).

To hear about the details directly from the team, take a look of an internal presentation Jonatan and Marc gave about the project.

We also added a way to integrate Vaadin add-ons directly from Roo. Just type vaadin addon install and hit ctrl-space to autocomplete any add-on name from the directory. Roo downloads the add-on directly from the directory and builds the widgetset for you.

Got interested? Next step - read the tutorial.

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Please make sure that you are using the right versions of all components.

Quoting from ticket #7264:

"The 1.0.0 Spring Roo add-on is compiled against Spring Roo 1.1.3. The
latest SNAPSHOT version [as of July 14, 2011] is compiled against 1.1.4. Once #7265 is fixed
there will be a new release supporting 1.1.5, until then please use the
SNAPSHOT version and Roo 1.1.4. Track #7265 for updates on when 1.1.5 is

As I arrived here from Spring's roo 1.1.5 announcement I had a pretty frustrating experience.

Installation of the vaadim addon 1.0.0 works in any roo version. If you use it in roo 1.1.4 or 1.1.5 you won't be happy with the results.
Posted on 7/14/11 8:40 AM.
For reference: the add-on version 1.0.1 should work with Roo 1.1.5.
There is no add-on yet for Roo 1.2.0M1.
Posted on 10/21/11 11:18 AM in reply to Stefan Brozinski.
When do you plan to release a new version of the add-on supporting roo 1.2?

Thank you,

Posted on 2/13/12 9:25 AM in reply to Henri Sara.