A Guide to migrating from GXT to Vaadin

Vaadin has always had a strong position when companies are evaluating the next platform to migrate their Java based desktop applications to. The programming model of Vaadin Framework is very similar to their existing codebase, which immediately makes Vaadin feel natural and productive to work with. The strong migration story continues even more so with GXT and other GWT based applications. In addition to the similar component based and event driven Java programming model, there is a distinctive advantage in migrating a GXT/GWT application to Vaadin. To highlight how straightforward the migration can be, I compiled a guide for migrating GXT (and GWT) based applications to Vaadin Framework called:  “7-step guide to migrating from GXT to Vaadin”.

The migration guide is based on a real customer case where our experts successfully migrated a fairly large GWT application to Vaadin. The guide describes the migration path, where you don’t have to rewrite your front-end completely right away, but instead you can keep most of your codebase as such. After the initial steps, you get your app running on Vaadin platform, and you gradually start working towards fully migrating to Vaadin Framework at your own pace. Any new development is done in Vaadin code, which allows you to keep delivering and releasing new features while migrating.

The migration guide contains practical steps for successful migration. The guide is available at Go check it out.
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