Introducing new Pro Account feature - JRebel


I’m proud to announce that Vaadin Pro Account has just been turbocharged. Starting from 1st of March Pro Account users can obtain license for awesome JRebel for Vaadin that eliminates the need for redeployment in your Vaadin development.

And the best thing is that we’re giving it for free

Happy geeks

(and this makes us very happy, bubbly drinks has nothing to do with that).

JRebel is a multiple award winning technology (e.g.,The Most Innovative Java Technology of 2011, JAX Awards) that has gained really good traction in Java development. Like many other Java developers we love it and decided we should increase awareness of this cool technology and to provide it to as many Pro Account subscribers as we possibly can. 

Pro Account & JRebel - a match made in heaven

The fundamental value promise of Pro Account is to save time and money in Vaadin development and it just feels right to strengthen our promise by adding JRebel into Vaadin Pro Account.   

Pro Account, topped up with JRebel for Vaadin, will provide the coolest bells and whistles you can get to support your Vaadin development.  I find it hard to come up with reasons why not to use this powerful toolset, because saving 5 minutes per day in redeploying your code or having a Vaadin expert to resolve your blockers is all you need to make a good return on your investment. 

JRebel feature enabled for longer subscriptions

If purchased separately, JRebel supports only 1 year licenses. Instead of enabling JRebel for just 12 month Pro Account subscriptions we decided to give it away for free to 6 month Pro Account subscribers as well. So all Pro Account members having a 6 or 12 month Pro Account subscription will get JRebel for Vaadin licenses without any additional cost. JRebel for Vaadin licenses are valid until Pro Account subscription is terminated. 

Learn more

In case you did not have a clue what JRebel is or does, you go to JRebel features web site and see what JRebel offers over JVM Hotswap. I hope that Pro Account is already familiar to you but just in case it isn’t you can check out Pro Account features immediately.

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I've just one question: how do you get JRebel once you've got the Pro account? I cannot wait :-)
Posted on 2/16/12 8:32 AM.
Very nice, making my Vaadin dev easier emoticon
Posted on 2/22/12 8:43 AM.
Nicolas, I know how you feel, I can't wait either emoticon

The binaries can be downloaded form Eclipse market place or directly from ZeroTurnaround web site.

Pro Account will send JRebel license to eligible subscribers in email when joining Pro Account subscription. Another way to obtain license for JRebel is to visit 'JRebel for Vaadin' feature page and download it from there. This would be the choice for users that has already subscribed to Pro Account.
Posted on 2/22/12 10:03 AM.
Hello Sami,

Could you be more specific? I don't see any "JRebel for Vaadin" feature and I'm at loss trying to find it. Could give me the specific URL please ?
Posted on 2/23/12 7:14 AM in reply to Sami Kaksonen.
Hi Nicolas,

The URL is not available yet, so no wonder you couldn't find it.
As said in my original blog post , Pro Account will have access to JRebel feature page along with section to get their license from from 1st of March.

So, hang on. it's less than one week away emoticon
Posted on 2/23/12 3:44 PM.
I will try to be patient but it's hard! Thanks for the answer, it's seems I was so excited I did see not date (although looking at it now I see it's in bold).
Posted on 2/23/12 7:43 PM in reply to Sami Kaksonen.