Interface HasValueAndElement<E extends HasValue.ValueChangeEvent<V>,​V>

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      • setRequiredIndicatorVisible

        default void setRequiredIndicatorVisible​(boolean requiredIndicatorVisible)
        Description copied from interface: HasValue
        Sets the required indicator visible or not.

        If set visible, it is visually indicated in the user interface.

        The method is intended to be used with Binder which does server-side validation. In case HTML element has its own (client-side) validation it should be disabled when setRequiredIndicatorVisible(true) is called and re-enabled back on setRequiredIndicatorVisible(false). It's responsibility of each component implementation to follow the contract so that the method call doesn't do anything else than show/hide the "required" indication. Usually components provide their own setRequired method which should be called in case the client-side validation is required.

        Specified by:
        setRequiredIndicatorVisible in interface HasValue<E extends HasValue.ValueChangeEvent<V>,​V>
        requiredIndicatorVisible - true to make the required indicator visible, false if not
      • setReadOnly

        default void setReadOnly​(boolean readOnly)
        Description copied from interface: HasValue
        Sets the read-only mode of this HasValue to given mode. The user can't change the value when in read-only mode.

        A HasValue with a visual component in read-only mode typically looks visually different to signal to the user that the value cannot be edited.

        Specified by:
        setReadOnly in interface HasValue<E extends HasValue.ValueChangeEvent<V>,​V>
        readOnly - a boolean value specifying whether the component is put read-only mode or not
      • isReadOnly

        default boolean isReadOnly()
        Description copied from interface: HasValue
        Returns whether this HasValue is in read-only mode or not.
        Specified by:
        isReadOnly in interface HasValue<E extends HasValue.ValueChangeEvent<V>,​V>
        false if the user can modify the value, true if not.