Package com.vaadin.navigator

Interface Summary
NavigationStateManager An interface for handling interaction between Navigator and the browser location URI or other similar view identification and bookmarking system.
View Interface for all views controlled by the navigator.
ViewChangeListener Interface for listening to View changes before and after they occur.
ViewDisplay Interface for displaying a view in an appropriate location.
ViewProvider A provider for view instances that can return pre-registered views or dynamically create new views.

Class Summary
Navigator A navigator utility that allows switching of views in a part of an application.
Navigator.ClassBasedViewProvider A ViewProvider which maps a single view name to a class to instantiate for the view.
Navigator.ComponentContainerViewDisplay A ViewDisplay that replaces the contents of a ComponentContainer with the active View.
Navigator.EmptyView Empty view component.
Navigator.SingleComponentContainerViewDisplay A ViewDisplay that replaces the contents of a SingleComponentContainer with the active View.
Navigator.StaticViewProvider A ViewProvider which supports mapping a single view name to a single pre-initialized view instance.
Navigator.UriFragmentManager A NavigationStateManager using hashbang fragments in the Page location URI to track views and enable listening to view changes.
ViewChangeListener.ViewChangeEvent Event received by the listener for attempted and executed view changes.

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