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Packages that use Navigator

Uses of Navigator in com.vaadin.navigator

Methods in com.vaadin.navigator that return Navigator
 Navigator ViewChangeListener.ViewChangeEvent.getNavigator()
          Returns the navigator that triggered this event.

Methods in com.vaadin.navigator with parameters of type Navigator
 void NavigationStateManager.setNavigator(Navigator navigator)
          Sets the Navigator used with this state manager.
 void Navigator.UriFragmentManager.setNavigator(Navigator navigator)

Constructors in com.vaadin.navigator with parameters of type Navigator
ViewChangeListener.ViewChangeEvent(Navigator navigator, View oldView, View newView, java.lang.String viewName, java.lang.String parameters)
          Create a new view change event.

Uses of Navigator in com.vaadin.ui

Methods in com.vaadin.ui that return Navigator
 Navigator UI.getNavigator()
          Returns the navigator attached to this UI or null if there is no navigator.

Methods in com.vaadin.ui with parameters of type Navigator
 void UI.setNavigator(Navigator navigator)
          For internal use only.

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