Version 6.4.9 built on 2011-01-12.

Release Notes for Vaadin 6.4.9

Vaadin 6.4.9 is a maintenance release for Vaadin 6.4. It contains several important fixes.

Please see the list of fixed issues in Vaadin 6.4.9 for more details. Problem fixes and enhancements planned for upcoming releases can be found from the Vaadin Roadmap in Vaadin Trac.

An outline of enhancements introduced in Vaadin 6.4 is given in the Release Notes for Vaadin 6.4.0.

Problem fixes and enhancements planned for upcoming releases can be found in the Vaadin Roadmap in Vaadin Trac.

As always, when upgrading from an earlier version, you should recompile any custom widget sets and refresh your project in Eclipse. If you are upgrading from earlier than 6.3.0, notice that Vaadin 6.4 uses GWT 2.0 (included in the installation package). See General Upgrade Notes for more details on upgrading.

Security fixes

General Upgrade Notes

When upgrading from an earlier version of the Vaadin library, you should always do the following:

  1. Install the new Vaadin JAR to your project
  2. Install new GWT JARs if the GWT version has changed
  3. If you have custom widget sets, recompile them with the new Vaadin library using the included GWT compiler
  4. If using the Eclipse IDE:
    1. Refresh the Eclipse project by selecting the project folder and pressing F5
    2. Restart the application server

Using the Vaadin project facet in the Eclipse IDE does the steps 1 and 2 automatically.

Upgrading from Vaadin 6.3

The following changes can break backward compatibility in applications using Vaadin 6.3 or earlier:

Upgrading from Vaadin 6.0 or 6.1

The way how widget sets are defined was simplified in Vaadin 6.2. Existing projects, where custom widgets (a custom widget set) are used, must be migrated when upgrading to Vaadin 6.2 or later. Projects where the default widget set is used do not need migration. For most projects this should be a quite painless upgrade.

For applications where custom widgets are used (also applicable to widget projects):

If you are using widgets from another project (typically in a separate JAR file):

If you package a widget set as a JAR for use in other projects:

Instructions for Upgrading from IT Mill Toolkit 5

While the Vaadin 6 API is otherwise mostly backward-compatible with IT Mill Toolkit 5.4, the change of the product name has made it necessary to reflect it in the Java package names, some name prefixes, and some other details.

Server-side Upgrade Instructions

Client-side Upgrade Instructions

The following changes are relevant only if you have developed or integrated custom client-side widgets with Google Web Toolkit (GWT).

Notes and Limitations for Google App Engine

The following instructions and limitations apply when you run a Vaadin application under the Google App Engine.

Important known problems in Vaadin 6.4.9

For other known problems, see open tickets at developer site


Vaadin is available for the following operating systems:

Vaadin supports Java Servlet API 2.3 and later versions and should work with any Java application server that conforms to the standard. It supports the following application servers:

Vaadin supports the following browsers for using the applications made with it:

The support for browsers follows the support by GWT. The browsers are supported on both Windows and Mac, if available. Firefox is supported also on Linux. There may be differences between the exact versions of the supported browsers that may cause incompatibility with applications made with Vaadin.

The following browsers are not supported but have been found to work to a large degree:

The reported versions are those that have been tested, though other versions may work as well.

Nokia E-series phones, such as E90, have been known to work with older versions, but not with Vaadin 6. Links, Lynx, and other text-based browsers do not work.