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AbstractBeanContainer, BeanContainer, BeanItemContainer, HierarchicalContainer, IndexedContainer, SQLContainer
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public static interface Container.Filterable
extends Container,

Interface that is implemented by containers which allow reducing their visible contents based on a set of filters.

When a set of filters are set, only items that match all the filters are included in the visible contents of the container. Still new items that do not match filters can be added to the container. Multiple filters can be added and the container remembers the state of the filters. When multiple filters are added, all filters must match for an item to be visible in the container.

When an Container.Ordered or Container.Indexed container is filtered, all operations of these interfaces should only use the filtered and sorted contents and the filtered indices to the container. Indices or item identifiers in the public API refer to the visible view unless otherwise stated. However, the addItem*() methods may add items that will be filtered out after addition or moved to another position based on sorting.

How filtering is performed when a Container.Hierarchical container implements Container.SimpleFilterable is implementation specific and should be documented in the implementing class.

Adding items (if supported) to a filtered Container.Ordered or Container.Indexed container should insert them immediately after the indicated visible item. However, the unfiltered position of items added at index 0, at index Container.size() or at an undefined position is up to the implementation.

This API replaces the old Filterable interface, renamed to Container.SimpleFilterable in Vaadin 6.6.


Nested Class Summary
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from interface
Container.Editor, Container.Filter, Container.Filterable, Container.Hierarchical, Container.Indexed, Container.ItemSetChangeEvent, Container.ItemSetChangeListener, Container.ItemSetChangeNotifier, Container.Ordered, Container.PropertySetChangeEvent, Container.PropertySetChangeListener, Container.PropertySetChangeNotifier, Container.SimpleFilterable, Container.Sortable, Container.Viewer
Method Summary
 void addContainerFilter(Container.Filter filter)
          Adds a filter for the container.
 void removeAllContainerFilters()
          Remove all active filters from the container.
 void removeContainerFilter(Container.Filter filter)
          Removes a filter from the container.
Methods inherited from interface
addContainerProperty, addItem, addItem, containsId, getContainerProperty, getContainerPropertyIds, getItem, getItemIds, getType, removeAllItems, removeContainerProperty, removeItem, size

Method Detail


void addContainerFilter(Container.Filter filter)
                        throws UnsupportedFilterException
Adds a filter for the container. If a container has multiple filters, only items accepted by all filters are visible.

UnsupportedFilterException - if the filter is not supported by the container


void removeContainerFilter(Container.Filter filter)
Removes a filter from the container. This requires that the equals() method considers the filters as equivalent (same instance or properly implemented equals() method).


void removeAllContainerFilters()
Remove all active filters from the container.

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